Oratory of Ss. Gregory & Augustine

In many ways the Oratory is a ‘come as you are’ community.  While this is true, we hope that it isn’t a ‘stay as you are’ church.  The deepening of our lives in Christ implies an ongoing transformation.  This happens in a preeminent way through our sacramental worship, and also through prayer, study and (especially) the exercise of fraternal charity in community. Our various committees serve our parish in many unnoticed yet  indispensable ways.  They seek to build up the Body of Christ in its members.


Marilyn Lonigro, Chairman

The purpose of this committee is to assist the Rector in the catechetical and educational formation of the parish, both children and adults, working in concert with the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine Catechists.


Allan Schwarb, Chairman

Ss. Gregory and Augustine’s is a very small church, and feels more like a large family. Our activities and organizations at this stage of our history reflect this identity: We gather very informally for coffee, refreshments (often home-baked!) and conversation after the 11:00 AM Sunday Mass. The Hospitality Committee insures a warm welcome for newcomers to the Oratory and helps them feel at home.


Social events are a key part of our life in Christ together. The Social Events Committee plans and organizes major monthly events in the course of the year such as pot-luck dinners & picnics, children’s parties, pilgrimages,  as well as special programs and receptions. This committee is very active and always looking for new members!


The Website committee assists the parish by developing and maintaining our website. The committee is charged with seeking to help the wider Church know more about our little community and to assist in fund-raising.  If you are interested in helping with the website please contact Mrs.Lisa Johnston.